Unusual Amt of Mkts, Few lesson's, Emotion

All opinions, rumors news and not, levels and ideas, today a few lessons in commodities today.

In name of Education, if you send me an email I will send you a leveraged loan chart of what I call a crash.

For Farmers and Speculators where they get you on fundamentals is this fast money crowd leverages as we go up.

Have you studied momentum and how it messes with the average mind. Yeah average. To make a point I look for measured Extremes where we buy a hundred with a 1c stop in corn. 2 1/2 max UNLESS

YOUR ACCUMULATING say long long long corn. I can’t say my real inflections out here. NOBODY WANTS TO LOSE FARM.

So if your bullish corn we might buy at all my lines lower (as units) last few months of me suggesting the Macro Low for this last down cycle. Buy inflation on breaks is my theme. Especially 30% breaks in beans, and that garbage KCW.

We are set to go up vertical up at any moment. Just not this nanosecond.

Buy stops above. Characteristics prob similar. Consider moving to HighGround as icebergs melt, weak flee North. Hondurans on move again. They can’t drive. Cost to Society, Fiscal situation untenable. One crashed into my house. Word.

Washington- drain the swamp?

Wheat failed again at that TL. US$ 96.027 live. coffee. I do not say this often, but a lot of things are live.

You guys got payments, right? Talking to a grain floor bear said how bad. Payment plus$9.20beans? I don’t know. Farmers need R&D, take charge, accounting flippantly.

LC APR JUNE OLS 1080 +1120, Over that lookout. Hog levels more interesting now. CALL.


OJ is live. Seriously, I have about 16 markets that are in areas. Hogs catch falling

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