Unicorn Beyond Meat IPO’ed Raising $240 Million But OurCrowd Investors Had Chance to Invest Before NASDAQ Listing

Beyond Meat Inc. (NASDAQ:BYND), completed an initial public offering (IPO) last week raising approximately $240 million on a valuation of $1.5 billion at $25/share. Once listed on NASDAQ, Beyond Meat jumped far beyond its initial pricing quickly rising in value topping $3.8 billion at over $66/share.

The IPO represented a solid success for early investors that backed the young meat substitute firm. Typically, access to promising early stage companies like Beyond Meat is reserved for big-name VCs and UHNW individuals but in this case, it was different. Investors registered on leading global crowdfunding platform OurCrowd had a shot at joining in on the successful firm prior to the public offering.

Speaking to Bloomberg on Friday, OurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved had this to say:

“As an investor, I am so happy. What makes this different is we are not just a traditional venture fund, at OurCrowd we actually allow individuals to get in and you had, like a dentist from Peoria putting in [$10,000] getting in on the pre-IPO private round .. of Beyond Meat together with people like Bill Gates. And that’s democratic and something to celebrate as well.”

OurCrowd invested in Beyond Meat around six months ago and still holds the shares. Every deal listed on the OurCrowd platform includes money from OurCrowd so interests are aligned with outside investors. Medved says they are “ecstatic” with the company and it is easy to understand why.

Ethan Brown, founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, claims to be the first plant-based food company to ever list on NASDAQ.

“We have always been a consumer-driven brand and we are excited to invite the brand’s longtime fans and supporters to join in on our vision for the Future of Protein. Our goal is

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