Trump's reactions to stock market drops

President Trump loves to tweet about stocks. In fact, he has tweeted about the market more in the last year than during any stretch of his presidency. 

On Monday, as stocks reversed some of the losses from last week, he tweeted “up BIG today.” On Tuesday, during a Fox news appearance, he promised “another good day today.”

Trump weighs in on the market frequently, but he prefers to do it when stocks are rallying, and especially when they’re in record territory. But he’ll also mention the market when stocks are falling – usually to assign blame for any downturn to his political enemies.

New Stock Market high! I will never get bored of telling you that – and we will never get tired of winning!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 16, 2019

Using the helpful Trump Twitter Archive, Yahoo Finance isolated over 200 stock market tweets sent by the president since he took office. These are messages that mention stocks or 401(k) accounts specifically. Tweets just about the economy and his economic record were not included. 

This narrow universe of tweets – within the 22,500+ he has sent since Inauguration Day – provides a window into how Trump approaches an issue which advisors reportedly say the president views as both the most important barometer of the economy and central to his re-election campaign.

David Foster/Yahoo FinanceMore

Tellingly, over half of Trump’s stock market tweets have come in just the last 15 months.

Who gets blamed on the down days

Trump has a range of villains at the ready for days when the market is in the red. The media is a favorite target. Earlier this month he blamed Fox New polls – which had just showed him down in the key states of Wisconsin, Arizona, and North Carolina

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