Trump’s Numbers October 2019 Update


Since President Donald Trump took office:

The economy added 6 million jobs, and the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in nearly 50 years. Economic growth fell far short of the annual 4% to 6% Trump promised. The most recent rate is 2.0%. The federal debt went up more than $2.4 trillion. The annual deficit hit nearly $1 trillion in fiscal year 2019 – the highest since 2012. Median household income rose 2.3%. Average weekly paychecks rose 2.8%. The poverty rate and food stamp rolls declined. Stock prices rose: The S&P 500 index was up 29.8%. Single-family home prices rose nearly 23%, hitting a record level in June. The trade deficit — which Trump promised to reduce — went up 30%. The number of Americans lacking health insurance rose nearly 2 million. The number of murders dropped 6.9%. But the number of rapes went up. Illegal border crossings nearly doubled, as of the most recent 12 months on record. Trump has filled 43 seats on federal appeals courts, compared with 25 filled by Obama at the same point in his first term.


This is our seventh quarterly update of the “Trump’s Numbers” scorecard that we posted in January 2018 and have updated every three months, most recently on July 12. We’ll publish additional updates every three months, as fresh statistics become available.

Here we’ve included statistics that may seem good or bad or just neutral, depending on the reader’s point of view. That’s the way we did it when we posted our first “Obama’s Numbers” article seven years ago — and in the quarterly updates and final summary that followed. And we’ve maintained the same practice under Trump. 

This update includes comprehensive looks at crime, income and poverty during the president’s first two years in office. The FBI’s report

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