Trump’s Numbers July 2019 Update


Since President Donald Trump took office:

The jobless rate fell further, to the lowest in nearly 50 years. The number of job openings grew to the highest in at least 18 years. Economic growth picked up, but remained far short of what Trump promised. The growth of federal regulatory restrictions stopped. Handgun production fell 21 percent, and sales of all guns also dropped. Carbon dioxide emissions stopped falling, and rose 1.8 percent. Illegal Mexico-U.S. border crossings surged to the highest number in over a decade. Stock prices and after-tax corporate profits set records. So did single-family home prices. The U.S. trade deficit, which Trump promised to reduce, grew by nearly 28%. The number of people without health insurance rose by 2 million to 7 million, depending on the survey. Weekly wages grew faster than inflation, and the number of people getting food stamps fell to the lowest in nearly 10 years. The federal debt rose by $1.8 trillion. Annual deficits accelerated.


This is our sixth quarterly update of the “Trump’s Numbers” scorecard that we posted in January 2018 and have updated every three months, most recently on April 11. We’ll publish additional updates every three months, as fresh statistics become available.

Here we’ve included statistics that may seem good or bad or just neutral, depending on the reader’s point of view. That’s the way we did it when we posted our first “Obama’s Numbers” article more than six years ago — and in the quarterly updates and final summary that followed. And we’ve maintained the same practice under Trump. 

Then as now, we make no judgment as to how much credit or blame any president deserves for things that happen during his time in office. Opinions differ on that.

Jobs and Unemployment

Job growth slowed a bit under Trump, but unemployment dropped to the

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