Trade talks resume; Tesla in Shanghai; Apple's Samsung TV deal – CNN

It’s the first face-to-face discussion between the two countries since Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping met in Argentina late last year and agreed on a 90-day truce. Investors are hoping the two sides will be able to reach a deal by March, when Trump has threatened to impose another round of tariffs and raise existing duties on some imports to 25% from 10%. The Chinese yuan was trading higher against the dollar early on Monday. 2. Tesla breaks ground in Shanghai: Tesla (TSLA) officially began building its Shanghai Gigafactory Monday, with CEO Elon Musk breaking ground on the electric carmaker’s new plant. The company is aiming to start production of its cheapest car, the Model 3, at the plant by the end of the year, Musk said in a series of tweets before the event. The Shanghai government said the factory is the biggest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai’s history. Tesla is planning to make 250,000 cars a year in the factory, eventually increasing its capacity to 500,000. That’s about five times the number of vehicles the company currently produces in the United States. 3. Apple lets Samsung in: Apple (AAPL) is opening up its ecosystem to one of its biggest rivals by giving owners of Samsung TVs direct access to iTunes content. Starting in the spring, Samsung will include an iTunes app in its Smart TVs, the South Korean company announced Sunday at CES, the annual consumer technology conference in Las Vegas. The new app will allow people to watch movies and TV shows they’ve already bought on iTunes, or buy new ones. 4. Government shutdown continues: The partial US government shutdown has entered its third full week, with President Trump threatening to declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and build his border wall. Talks

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