This Marijuana Penny Stock Surged 30%: That’s Becoming Normal

OGI Stock Keeps On Climbing

One of my absolute favorite pot stocks recently had an extraordinary few days. OrganiGram Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:OGI) has long been one of my top pot stocks, especially considering the company is a marijuana penny stock, making it very affordable.

OrganiGram stock recently impressed with a massive run of 30% gains in just a few days. That type of growth is becoming increasingly common in the marijuana stock market. For OGI stock, the future could see gains of 100%, maybe even 200%.

Investors are growing confident in the cannabis industry, with many of them especially excited about the potential of marijuana penny stocks. And as far as pot penny stocks go, few (if any) are as impressive as OrganiGram stock.

OrganiGram Holdings Inc has a number of strong supply agreements across Canada, making it well situated to receive recurring revenue for years to come as it continues to play a big part in the maturation of the Canadian marijuana market.


There are a number of unique factors at play when it comes to OGI stock. Despite being a marijuana penny stock, it has one of the largest market caps in the entire industry. That makes it an ideal company both for acquisition or for—better yet—forming a partnership with a company from a different industry that’s looking to get into the pot sector.

Several alcohol and tobacco companies have joined forces with marijuana companies in recent years, seeing the writing on the wall: legal marijuana is going to be big business. Instead of trying to fend off competition from the pot sector, these companies were shrewd and have decided to join forces with the coming green rush.

OrganiGram is a prime target for such a partnership. Many companies of a similar size have already

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