The Washington Post Editorial Board interviews 2020 candidate Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts, came to The Post on Tuesday to talk about why he is running for president and what he hopes to accomplish if elected. Here is the full transcript and audio recording of our conversation. — Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor

Highlights of Patrick’s comments from the interview

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“There are two leadership styles at times like these. One is to divide us for political gain. The other is to draw us together in addressing common challenges, which starts with understanding how much in common we have in these challenges. Both, by the way, are, historically speaking, American. Only one is patriotic. Only one.” “Cheery economic indicators just don’t tell the whole story. …. You know, unemployment is low as long as you count both, or all three, of the minimum wage jobs folks have to survive. Inflation is low as long as you look away from the cost of housing, education, health care, the very things that stabilize people and enable them to move onto a path of economic mobility.” “Folks have been stuck in poverty for a long time. The difference is today that the middle class, as I said, is a paycheck or two away from being poor and really anxious about it.” “The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone. The carbon age isn’t going to end because we run out of carbon sources, [but] because we got a better idea.” “Our short termism in business, that kind of quarter-to-quarter, get the return, sometimes at the sacrifice of the long-term interests of the enterprise, that bad habit has leaked into the way we govern ourselves. We govern from election cycle to election cycle, news cycle

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