The Keys to Profits for the Next Five Days… and the Next Five Years

We’ve always believed the biggest profits go to those investors who pay just as much attention to the short-term outlook as they do to the long.

In other words, the folks who can trade as nimbly and quickly (and most of all, correctly) as possible, while not losing sight of where the markets and their wealth will be in the next one, two, or five years.

Fortunately for us, we’ve got access to some of the best financial minds in the industry who, together, pack what we’re confident is the biggest, most diverse moneymaking “toolbox” this side of Wall Street. With research like this, it’s just as easy to bag doubles on quick two-point moves in Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) as it is to, say, grow our buy-and-hold gains by 10%, 15%, or more every year.

On the one hand, you’ve got Michael A. Robinson, whose open Nexus-9 Network model portfolio is up nearly 70% on long-term holds alone.

On the other, you’ve got Tom Gentile, whose “in on Monday, out by Friday” approach to his Weekly Cash Clock model trades has pulled down 27 double- and triple-digit winners in 2020; most of these were closed for profits in one or two days.

And those are just two of our experts.

If those results don’t prove the long view is just as important as the short term… well, I don’t know what does.

Today, I want to share with everyone the very latest in thinking about our long- and short-term prospects. We’ll look at where our biggest, fastest profits will come from, and also what we think makes sense over the next year or more.

To do that, I spoke to two of our experts with different market approaches and different experiences, but who do in fact share one goal:

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