State of Football: Tom Coughlin read to go toe-to-toe in Jacksonville

“I’ll put the gloves on,” says the Jags’ football boss.

There has been no shortage of front-page headlines springing from the long Thanksgiving football weekend.

Consider the fallout:

• The McKenzie Milton injury in UCF’s 24th straight win last Friday. All things considered, that was the most impactful event, given the near- and long-term implications.

• FSU’s bowl streak ending, with the Gators applying the cleated boot to the Seminoles’ neck. Head ’Nole Willie Taggart is in crisis mode much sooner than he could’ve ever imagined.

• The Hurricanes rebounding at season’s end with two wins over decent opposition. Mark Richt might not be Al Golden after all.

• Jameis Winston with the double-play: Leading the Bucs to victory and his attorneys reportedly finding a way to make the Uber suit go away. At a cost.

• The Dolphins working hard to find a way to lose, with the final blow coming from this generation’s George Blanda — Adam Vinatieri.

• The Jags not just running their ship aground, but setting it ablaze. And the unlikely news that Blake Bortles will be benched in favor of Clive Cussler.

• Oh, wait, hold the phone. We’re being told Bortles’ fill-in is actually some guy named Cody Kessler. That changes everything.

Every one of those events, on a normal week, would easily lead the conversation and probably even remain part of the conversation in the weeks ahead. But frankly, weeks or months or maybe even years from now, this should be remembered as the week Tom Coughlin challenged the entire Bold City Brigade to put up their dukes.

Coughlin is an executive vice president and basically in charge of football operations for the Jaguars. The Jaguars are a mess, and unlike many other recent years, they weren’t expected to be a mess, considering they were a whisker (or a whistle) from reaching

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