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7 Stocks Poised to Soar with the Emergence of 5G Networks

Industry analysts have called it the “4th Industrial Revolution.”

Research suggests this cutting-edge technology will have the same impact on our daily lives as the printing press, the steam engine, and electricity.

And the opportunity for early investors is almost unimaginable.

We’re talking about the rollout of 5G data networks.

While it’s tempting to think 5G is simply the next evolution for your cell phone, it is so much more. It is the key that unlocks the power of many other groundbreaking technologies:

5G will (finally) make driverless cars practical and efficient at scale. You can expect every new car off the assembly line to be 5G-connected within a few short years, instantly communicating with other cars, traffic lights and even open parking spots.
Forbes went so far as to say self-driving cars “won’t work until we have 5G.” The Internet of Things has already hit its stride, but 5G’s 20 gigabits per second speed – which is 20 time faster than 4G – enables IoT to reach its full potential. Virtual reality can now enter the mainstream – and for more than just gaming and entertainment. 5G networks can provide global connectivity with near-zero lag.
That means a surgeon in New York can operate on a patient in Tokyo in real time using wireless robotics. New technologies and applications that have never even been conceivable may soon become practical.
The same way the printing press helped spark the Renaissance in the 15th Century, 5G’s blazing speed and robust functionality could usher in a new age of technological and entrepreneurial productivity.

It gets even better. Twenty-two million jobs are expected to be created as existing infrastructure is upgraded to the 5G standard.

Again, we’re not just talking about cell phone towers. Anywhere

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