Smart speaker maker Sonos files for IPO after shipping 19M+ devices

Sonos Inc., a maker of high-end smart speakers that integrate with Inc.’s Alexa, today filed for an initial public offering.

The company didn’t divulge how many shares it plans to sell and set the funding target for the IPO to $100 million, a figure firms often use as a placeholder before determining the real amount. What Sonos’ filing does reveal, however, is strong growth fueled by rapidly rising consumer demand for smart speakers.

In the six months ended March 31, the company saw revenue climb 18 percent year-over-year, to $655.7 million. Sonos’ profit declined by 14 percent in the same period, to $13.1 million. But it’s worth noting that the hardware maker has closed the past three fiscal years with a net loss. The IPO documents show that the company was profitable for at least two years before that.

Sonos seems to be slowly working its way back into the black. The company reported a net loss of $14.2 million on $992.5 million in sales for fiscal 2017, compared with a $38.2 million loss and revenues of $901.3 million for the year before.

Overall, Sonos has sold more than 19 million speakers to date. The company’s core product line spans from the $199 Sonos One to a $1,899 home theater system with three subwoofers. One of the company’s biggest strengthens is that its devices can communicate with one another over Wi-Fi, allowing users to control all the speakers in their home from one place via Alexa voice commands or an app.

This capability has helped Sonos build up a strong following of customers who more often than not buy multiple speakers. According to the company’s filing, the 19-million-plus Sonos speakers that have been registered online by users are installed in some 6.9 million homes.

The Wall Street Journal reported in April that an IPO could value Sonos

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