Skip Bayless explains why he was shocked so many Patriots showed up at the White House –

“My view of this is basically your view, because I tell you — on these topics — I always defer to you. So after listening to you these several months, I’m to the point there you’ve convinced me that no team going forward — with majority black players, obviously, men or women — they’re just not going to go.

“And so I was prepared, yesterday, to see Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick and like six or seven white guys. That’s what I was prepared to see. And I didn’t see that.

“So I was shocked over this. I was buying what you’ve been telling me. 34 attended, and 17 African-American faces are there.

“…. I look at the numbers, and the number I saw was 45 went two years ago, 45 or 50. Somewhere in that ballpark. But I also looked back at the numbers that went after the Patriots had won their first Super Bowl and they went two, three right in a row. Second and third, that’s 2004 and 2005.

“36 went in 2004, so that’s just two more than yesterday, and then the following year only 27 went.”

Geoff BurkeGeoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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