Siemens’ role ‘over 40pc in UAE power output’

Siemens’ technologies enable delivery of 75 per cent of the UAE’s daily water supply; represent more than 40 per cent of overall power generation capacity; and facilitate 50 per cent of operations in its aluminium and steel sectors, said the global technology powerhouse in a new report.

The second annual report, also known as ‘Business to Society’, demonstrates that during financial year 2018 and coinciding with the Year of Zayed the company’s business goals aligned with the ambitions of the UAE, its government, its people and the broader society.

The Year of Zayed marks 100 years since the birth of the founding father of the country, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who had emphasized the importance of giving back to the community. The report found that Siemens is a significant contributor to key sectors of the national economy, and its activities are helping drive economic progress, expand jobs and training, support home-grown innovation, and add value to the country’s many sustainability priorities.

With 90 per cent of the gross value added by Siemens to the UAE economy occurring in the non-oil sector, the company is providing strong support to the country’s ongoing transition towards a diversified, knowledge economy.

 In other vital industries, Siemens solutions enhance half of the country’s port logistics, 92 per cent of its baggage handling and 86 per cent of its air cargo operations, added the annual report entitled, ‘In the UAE, for the UAE – Making real what matters,’ detailing the company’s activities and impact in the United Arab Emirates.

However, the company’s contribution goes beyond traditional industries to support key national development priorities by working with more than 800 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Meanwhile, Siemens Healthineers’ medical equipment facilitates over 600 medical decisions per hour.

Siemens directly employs 2,700 highly skilled workers and enables an additional 16,200

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