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President Donald Trump walks from the Oval Office to speak on immigration in the Rose Garden at the White House on Thursday, May 16. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo



MYSTERY NO. 1: THERE WAS A LOT OF GRIPING ON CAPITOL HILL that when the president announced his immigration plan, Republicans did not have any paper whatsoever to explain what he was proposing. Months of work by JARED KUSHNER, and there was no fact sheet to accompany the much-ballyhooed announcement.

JUST AFTER 8 P.M., the White House sent out fact sheets to Capitol Hill chiefs of staff — bullet points and a PowerPoint-y thing seen here for the first time — which attempt to explain the outlines of what the president is proposing on immigration. It will be interesting to see how many members issue letters or statements of support for the plan now that there’s an explanation of it. BTW: The White House explicitly asked some members’ offices for letters of support.

Here’s Senate Majority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL with a strikingly non-committal statement on the Jared Plan (h/t WaPo’s Seung Min Kim): “We are a nation of immigrants and we must preserve that rich part of who we are. But we are a nation of laws. There is a crisis at our southern border and I hope Democrats get serious soon about working with us to secure our borders and restore the rule of law to our nation, which includes reforming out-of-date legal authorities. I look forward to reviewing the president’s proposal.”

NOT SPOTTED: Anything resembling support from McConnell, the only Republican with any power on Capitol Hill.

AN HONEST QUESTION: Why put something like this out if

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