Nasdaq Stockholm Orders Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB To Pay A Fine Corresponding To Fifteen Annual Fees

The Disciplinary Committee of Nasdaq Stockholm has found that Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (“Oasmia Pharmaceutical” or the “Company”) has breached the rules of Nasdaq Stockholm (the “Rulebook”) and therefore ordered the Company to pay a fine of fifteen annual fees, corresponding to an amount of SEK 3,075,000.

The Disciplinary Committee concludes that the Swedish Securities Council in its ruling 2019:13 has found that Oasmia Pharmaceutical has breached good practice in the stock market by not having complied with a main shareholder’s request for an extraordinary general meeting for the election of board members and, when eventually convened, also having cancelled such a meeting at a late stage. The Disciplinary Committee further concludes that the Company has breached good practice in the stock market by having expressed remarks on the main shareholder’s request and proposals for board members in several press releases.

With reference to the above, the Disciplinary Committee concludes that Oasmia Pharmaceutical flagrantly and repeatedly has violated good practice in the stock market and, consequently, also the Rulebook. . The Disciplinary Committee takes a particularly serious view of the Company’s behavior, which have been likely to damage the public’s confidence in Nasdaq Stockholm and the stock market.

The Disciplinary Committee’s decision is available at:

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