Nasdaq on the future of technology and the exchanges

Long thought of as a digital marketplace for buying and selling securities, Nasdaq has used the large volumes of data available to it to leverage itself into an intermediary source for market structure, exchange and settlement for markets of all types.

Scott Shechtman, Head of New Markets and President of Longitude at Nasdaq, was on hand to share Nasdaq’s vision as a technology solutions provider, data aggregator and market facilitator at Transparency19, a three-day freight technology conference taking place this week at the Georgia International Convention Center.

Through its 30 owned-and-operated marketplaces throughout the world, Nasdaq is able to take the data captured at these exchanges and implement new technologies in more than 115 marketplaces globally. Nasdaq provides technology services to trading platforms, enabling them to execute their core trading functions as well as market surveillance to detect patterns suggesting nefarious actions like insider trading. Additionally, Nasdaq acts as a clearing house where trading partners can trade anonymously, providing safe market transactions and acting as the guarantor of the trade by collecting deposits, analyzing the risk of the parties and establishing deposit requirements for each party in each transaction.

Nasdaq’s position as a technology provider, data collector and market administrator has allowed it to create markets that once didn’t exist.

Blockchain technology allows Nasdaq to provide electronic voting in Johannesburg, helps to create a liquid secondary market for trading portions of risk from reinsurance pools in Bermuda, develop new wagering products and broaden betting menus in Hong Kong and allow cryptocurrencies to be tokenized allowing for better settlement, liquidity and exchange-based trading all over the world.

Nasdaq is currently working on a digital advertising futures market and a travel booking secondary market. The company hopes to be able to launch a market where bookings of hotels and flights can

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