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“Quantitative” analysis is the “Swiss Army Knife” of market analysis.

It should be in every trader’s tool box from beginner to professional!

NASDAQ 100 futures rallied from 7,500 to a high of 12,400 over the previous 23 weeks.

Our daily June NASDAQ quant has been in sell mode for 5 days. This was followed by an 1,100 point break.

Now examine our weekly NASDAQ quant. The thick white line AND histogram (Black vertical bars) will need to close the week out below the 0.00 line to issue a sell signal. When the Weekly and Daily quants are both in sell mode its time to be short.

Our approach is short succinct and to the point. We’re here to answer your questions. Call 847 254 5589.

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Murray Rosenberg AKA Doc Dow has been a member of the major exchanges.

The NYSE, AMEX, PHLX the NYFE, the CEC and CME. He’s traded on the floors of these exchanges during his career.

Doc has been involved in the “Hedge Fund” industry for over 20 years.

Utilizing his quantitative math to decide market direction.

For the past seven years Doc has been doing a FREE webinar on quantitative Trading.

The webinar is now available to you. Ask any trading questions you like.

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