My late husband did not see his son in 30 years. Should I mail his son photos and other memorabilia — and risk him making a claim on his estate?

Dear Moneyist,

My late husband had not seen his son in over 30 years. He and his son’s mother decided on her receiving a larger share of assets in lieu of child support. He did see his son a few times a year for the next several years, but contact stopped during the teen years when his son no longer wanted to come. They lived in different states. The son is approximately the age of my own children, who are in their early forties.

There was no probate after my husband’s death because he had no separate assets. The house and car were titled in my name because I had purchased them prior to remarrying. All of our bank accounts were joint although we treated them as separate accounts. He had no retirement funds other than Social Security whereas I was still working. When I signed my will shortly after my husband’s death, the lawyer told me that probate was unnecessary since there was nothing to probate.

I put together a box of a few special items that belonged to my husband — his medals from his time in the service, pictures of him over the years, including some with the son, his watches, and so on — thinking that the son might want them some day. I’m sure the son has no idea that my husband relocated and remarried so it isn’t particularly likely that he will knock on the door one day. Friends of my husband tried to initiate contact once during a health crisis before I met him, and the mother refused.

I hate the idea that my own kids will simply trash these things one day because they will have no idea what to do with them after I die. I found the son’s mother’s

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