Marijuana News Today: Marijuana Legal in Michigan, Pot Stock Market Continues to Fall Marijuana News Today

The marijuana news today follows a trend we’ve seen developing over the past month or so, wherein the future looks positive, while the present is bleak.

Let’s cover the future first.

Michigan marijuana legalization took effect today, with residents now able to legally partake of the drug without fear of reprimand by the government.

The catch is that it’s technically illegal to sell the drug still, but only those growing the marijuana, those who bring it in from other states, or those who are gifted pot are allowed to indulge. (Source: “Recreational marijuana is legal today in Michigan. Here are 5 things to know before lighting up.” Michigan Radio, December 5, 2018.)


It’s a temporary measure, as you’ll note that Michigan only legalized pot in November during the midterm election.

Remember that it took years for many other states to implement a licensing and sales system, and it will likely be the same for Michigan as well.

What this means, of course, is that the 10th U.S. state to legalize marijuana is already on an accelerated path towards implementation and speaks to the growing ease that state will have in 2019 when it comes to legalization.

This is the result of marijuana legalization becoming routine.

Essentially, instead of having to design a system of legalization from the ground up, states can instead pick and choose the features they like from places that have already legalized the drug in order to fast-track their legalization efforts.

This is only going to make the process that much easier in the future, with several states likely to follow suit in 2019.

New Jersey is very close to legalization, with state Congress voting on a marijuana measure that is virtually assured to pass. After that, New York seems

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