'King of Israel' and a Trump tower in Greenland: Here's what Trump had to say this week

The president has had a busy week on Twitter and with speeches. From grappling with Denmark over a potential acquisition of Greenland to joking he wanted to award himself the Medal of Honor, Donald Trump has turned heads with a series of comments. 

Here are the week’s highlights, for anybody who needs to get caught up. 

The King of Israel

Last week, Trump encouraged the state of Israel on Twitter to deny entry to Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. And this week, he talked about Jewish voters and their relationship to Israel. A lot. 

Trump told reporters on two subsequent days that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats are “disloyal to Israel.” 

Criticizing a statement by Omar that the U.S. should rethink the aid money it gives to Israel since she and Tlaib were barred, Trump said Tuesday that Democrats were “defending these two people over the state of Israel.”

More: Trump promotes claim that he is ‘King of Israel’ as Jewish people tweet #DisloyalToTrump

Then, Trump tweeted out a conservative commentator and conspiracy theorist’s claim that Trump is like the “King of Israel” to Jewish people. “They love him like he is the second coming of God,” Trump tweeted, attributing it to Wayne Allyn Root.

“Thank you to Wayne Allyn Root for the very nice words. “President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him….

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 21, 2019

“King of Israel” became a trending topic on Twitter at the same time the hashtag #DisloyalToTrump went viral.

‘I am the chosen one’

Trump is “the chosen one.” At least, that’s what he says about his trade war with China.

On Wednesday, Trump told

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