Got Gold? Why The Yellow Metal Is On Track To Win

Yet since Nixon’s nixing of the Gold Standard back in ’71, more short-lived events driven by fear, the unknown, and the unconscionable manipulative entity, have spiked the Gold price, after which it generally reverts from whence it came. To wit, the looming StateSide election (03 November) ought well be a classic case, after which we’ll know “The Name of the Game”–[ABBA, ’77] for either further economic gain or private sector drain.

Whilst no one “knows” the election outcomes, be they at the Executive or Legislative levels, (with the structure of the Judicial level hanging in the balance), the rash of mainstream consensus again already “knows” that which they “knew” four years ago: that a Big Blue Wave is to consume America … (except that the colour turned out instead as Red).

But this time ’round were Team Blue to really come through, ‘twould be as wonderful a Gold Positive as for which one could ask. Indeed so much so, the above Scoreboard’s Gold value of 3567 could arrive ever so fast. And yet, with just over two weeks until Election Day, in the markets neither a higher Gold gear nor pre-election fear has yet to appear.

‘Tis a bit odd, non? To be sure, Team Blue are the masters of swaying public opinion as sourced through the highest levels of respected media, feeding upon those emotive, and driving polling favourably-heavy to their side. Team Red on the other hand looks to be sourced through what it deems as common sense vessels, relying upon those composed, and their ultimately vindication of truth via the voting booth.

Again no one “knows”: Team Blue’s win is already in the polls; Team Red’s win is already in the markets. Were it the other way ’round, Gold would by now have soared and the stock market by now have

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