GOP Treats Working Class As Fodder To Make Th

[Beneath The Spin]

Anyone with an objective mind should be able to see that the GOP doesn’t want to govern–the party wants to rule.

Unfortunately, politics is much like religion– no matter how much evidence is brought to bear that a person’s preacher is a hypocrite, a crook, and a pedophile, many of the people in the church will refuse to believe their lying eyes, because it’s not what they want to see.

In such a case, all the preacher would have to say is, “The Lord came to me in a dream and commanded me to lay down with that 14-year-old girl. At first I couldn’t understand it. So I asked, ‘But Lord, how can you ask me to commit such a horrid offense? I have a family and a loving wife of 22 years, and this young girl is but a mere child!’ But the Lord said, ‘Let my will be done, my son. It is better for this child to learn the error of her ungodly ways under your gentle hand, than through the brutality of the street.’ So as a servant of God, ‘I had no choice but to do his will.'”

By the time the preacher is done, half the people in the church would be saying, “Amen! You a servant of God – you gotta do his will.”

Sound ridiculous? Of course it does; but no more ridiculous than the GOP telling us that we must sacrifice the well being of our own families to subsidize international corporations and the top 2% of the wealthiest people in this country, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. The GOP has convinced a sizable number of Americans that the desire to protect their own families from corporate abuse is due to the “socialist influences” in society.

Many of us are buying into that nonsense

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