For Trump's core supporters, 'there will never be another President Trump'

Kim Trajkovski, a middle-aged mom living in Macomb Township, knew the moment she saw Donald Trump ride the escalator down into the lobby of his New York City tower in June 2015 to announce his run for the presidency that he was different, and, to her way of thinking, in a good way.

She told her husband, “That man’s going to win. He laughed at me.”

Five years later, the husband is gone. But Trajkovski, a 57-year-old purchasing employee for a manufacturing supplier in Troy, remains an ardent supporter of the president. A staunch opponent of abortion — though she’s not overtly religious — and a firm believer in supporting law enforcement and the military, with one son in the Marines and another who also served in the Corps, she says Trump, as president, has never let her down.

“I think he’s a wonderful person, a wonderful man,” she said. “I believe if this country doesn’t vote him in this time, we’re lost. There will never be another President Trump.”

She is far from the only Michigan voter who feels this way. Even as the president has continued to come under sharp criticism — most recently for a debate performance in which he declined to unilaterally denounce white supremacist groups and his handling, personal and professional, of the coronavirus pandemic, after testing positive himself — his supporters have remained adamantly loyal.

What’s clear from talking to Trump supporters is that, among a core base of about 40% of the electorate in Michigan, there are some similarities, such as a belief in small government, a strong military, respect for “law and order.” There is also among them a lagging level of concern about COVID, which has resulted in 217,000 deaths in the U.S. since March, and what can be done about

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