Dow, NASD , Meats, 20″ Snow Event?


The day before I made comment in hogs 5050 either way next 1,000 point move. Bingo that 1st high was one of my pivots as it was only # within miles day a new client wanted to buy buy buy at the high.

I said lets buy half, w stop.

Stopped out 150 and we broke 1000ish. Yest had weekly also,

Back month OLS. (written this am on train) High today was old high areacited here. Wide trading ranges.

Spreads will get wild going forward. Study your free charts and get some ideas. Throw in premium data.

Or get a service to trade specific areas like Friday settlement px, spx.

So we went limit but want to buy the mofu sharply lower right?

Don’t get weak-kneed now before the final firework shooting star biggest Hog Bull Ever.

400 lower for a bounce maybe limit up, OR, we stay down here one more day.

Its an idea to buy hogs and look for 400 or more swing up.

Watch back months. Are they all cheap if we feed China for next year? Are the Vietnam Banks here to buy pork? Secure food needs important. Very!

FEB HOGS- lets see if my levels hold. Aug doen 400 Feb down ?,.50c or up?

Does your other account have those kind of ideas laid out ahead of time? Now for traders if your not thinking this way were you can sell TLs and when we sell the high on a scale up FC we also need to work buy stop .25c over to flip back another unit long. Get it?

Algos tend to buy over a sell # that works because my data is high quality. Algos use Math formulas and so should you with me.

In my opinion.

Buy the levels.

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