Dow Jones Today Slides on Latest COVID-19 Stimulus Announcement

The Dow Jones today could lose 100 points after lawmakers introduced a more limited stimulus bill than the last to support citizens in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investors continue to speculate on the actions of the Federal Reserve ahead of the central bank’s meeting on Tuesday. More on everything moving the Dow today, below.

Here are the numbers from Monday for the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq:

Index Previous Close Point Change Percentage Change Dow Jones 26,584.77 +114.88 +0.43 S&P 500 3,239.41 +23.78 +0.74 Nasdaq 10,536.27 +173.09 +1.67

Now here are what I think will be the most important market events and stocks on Monday morning.

The Top Stock Market Stories for Tuesday

The coronavirus outbreak is showing signs of slowing across hotspots like Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Across the country, total COVID cases registered at 4.2 million, with the death total sitting north of 147,000. However, the seven-day average for U.S. infections still topped 65,000. Cases are increasing in various places across the country that are now on the verge of a spread – particularly rural areas in the Northwest.

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This morning, Senate Republicans announced the latest stimulus effort to bolster the U.S. economy – the HEALS Act. The bill would cap federal unemployment insurance at 70% of a worker’s previous wages and issue a second round of stimulus checks to Americans based on the same qualifications in March. Meanwhile, the bill would provide shields for businesses, doctors, and schools from lawsuits tied

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