Dow Jones Industrial Average Rises As Volatility Continues To Decline

Market technician Dave Chojnacki of StreetOne Technical Analysis takes a deep dive into the underlying technicals for the major U.S. averages, which are climbing within striking distance of all-time highs once again.

Equities opened higher on Wednesday as economic numbers came in as expected. After the prior session’s loss, equities were quick to bounce to the upside. The 10YR was still a concern, as it ended at 3.10%. After the Euro close, the major indices continued to move higher, with Semi’s again showing strength for the second straight session. The major averages pulled back somewhat in the last hour, but held on to their gains.

IWM (iShares Russell Small Cap) closed at 160.92 an all-time high, indicating that the rally was broad. Semi’s helped push the (NDX) to the best gainer of the day, while the S&P 500 (SPX) and (DJIA) ended with small gains.

At the close, the DJIA was up 0.25%, the SPX gained 0.41%, and the NDX fell 0.6%. Breadth was decidedly positive, 1.9 to 1, on below average volume. ROC(10)’s advanced in the session and all three major indices remained in positive territory.

RSI’s moved higher, with the NDX continuing to be the strongest at 60.1. The DJIA is now at 57.4 and the SPX at 59. All three major averages continue with their MACD above signal. The ARMS index ended the day at 0.89, a slightly bullish reading.

Yesterday’s strength in the DJIA moved it back into the black for the year. It closed the session at 24768, above its 2017 close of 24719. The DJIA continues below its 50% retrace level of 25074. It remains above its 50D-SMA of 24422.

The SPX ended the day at 2722, just below its 50% retrace level of 2726. It remains comfortably above its 50D-SMA of

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