Double Your Money on AMZN Stock at a Fraction of the Cost Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) is one of the most popular tech investments of all time, having skyrocketed nearly 99,000% in the last 20-plus years. And the odds are quite high you already own Amazon stock either outright, in a mutual fund, or in your company retirement plan.

Amazon is one of those companies – and stocks – that drive the economy and the stock market. It’s a game changer. And it is important that, even though your fund owns it, you have direct exposure to it for undiluted profit potential.

However, buying a stock trading around $1,700 per share is a tall order for a lot of investors. It’s a shame because the trend for a category dominator such as this is not over by a long shot.

And that’s why we’re showing you today how to double your money on Amazon stock without having to buy a single share…

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The latest news from this juggernaut is that CEO Jeff Bezos announced the company’s partnership with Marriott International (Nasdaq: MAR), where the Amazon Alexa would be used as a “butler” in hotels.

That’s on top of Amazon’s recent announcements of entering the banking space, the grocery business with the purchase of Whole Foods, the pharmaceutical business, “try before you buy” clothing services, entertainment programming, streaming services, and cloud services.

No company is able to disrupt as many industries as Amazon.

That’s why investors need a way to participate directly in Amazon’s gains. After all, if you have a mutual fund, or an ETF that owns this stock, AMZN’s performance is just part of the

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