Dividends, Banking, and REITs: Your Coronavirus Stock Market Crash Questions Answered

In this week’s episode of Industry Focus: Financials, host Jason Moser and Fool.com contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, take a look at some important questions on listeners’ minds. With its malls closed and a 17% dividend yield, is Simon Property Group (NYSE:SPG) a good stock to buy now? Does Axos Financial (NYSE:AX) still have competitive advantages? Why has Seritage Growth Properties (NYSE:SRG) fallen by 80%, and is it worth buying now? The answers to these questions and more on this week’s show.

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This video was recorded on March 23, 2020.

Jason Moser: It’s Monday, March 23. I’m your host, Jason Moser, and on today’s Financials show, we’re going to dive into some more listener questions, as we’ve got folks asking about all sorts of things during these challenging times. Things like particular stocks, stocks like Axos and Upwork (NASDAQ:UPWK). And we got some questions on what to expect this coming earnings season and much more.

And joining me, as always, Certified Financial Planner Mr. Matt Frankel. Matt, how is everything going?

Matt Frankel: Well, wishing I could leave my house, but other than that, it’s going pretty well. You see, you sit there on your bed, so you’re in the same predicament as I am.

Moser: Yeah, well, I mean, I’ve got to find the highest point in my house, as far away as I can get from my dogs, so that when I put them outside, I don’t risk the listeners hearing them go off on, you know, whatever squirrel is taunting them in the backyard. So hopefully this will stay quiet enough.


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