5th Annual Toronto ETF Masterclass: Ride the Next Wave of Index-Based Strategies


Advancements in index-based investing are bringing Canadian investors a range of sophisticated solutions once exclusively implemented by active managers. From sustainable income generation, to single- and multi-factor combinations, to dynamic risk management tools, the expanding indexing toolkit continues to democratize access to low-cost alpha.

Keynote speaker Robert Gignac, author of Rich is a State of Mind, will open the event with his tried-and-true communication techniques for maintaining a successful client/advisor relationship.

Join us to learn how advisors are incorporating index-based strategies to meet tailored client objectives:

Approaches to minimizing home bias, getting the right mix of exposures, and accounting 
for maverick risk Using single- and multi-factor strategies as portfolio diversifiers and risk mitigators Achieving stable income payouts in retirement while keeping risk in check The growth of robo-advisors and their impact on Canada’s wealth management industry

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The Value of ESG in Financial Markets


As sustainability becomes more mainstream and evidence builds that ESG is important from both risk and opportunity perspectives, market participants are asking, “How do I turn ESG to my advantage?”

Join us to hear industry experts discuss ESG developments, and what this global shift means for the Brazilian market.


Where ESG now stands in Brazil, and perspectives on the future The value of ESG in long-term planning, and how to integrate it into investment decision-making The growing range of ESG metrics, tools and investment frameworks available to investors

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