Brokerage House Securities Leads Nasdaq Dubai Equity Futures Market Activity

BHS overall market share by value in last 6 months is 50% BHS is most active brokerage for Saudi futures Success comes amid investor awareness campaign conducted jointly with Nasdaq Dubai

Nasdaq Dubai today announced that Brokerage House Securities (BHS) has been the most active broker by value on the exchange’s equity futures market over the last 6 months, with a 50% share of trading excluding market makers.

BHS has also been the most active broker in trading Saudi single stock equity futures since the exchange launched these one month ago on January 9, 2019, with a share of more than 90% by value excluding liquidity provision. 

BHS’ successful activity comes amid an investor awareness campaign launched jointly by Nasdaq Dubai and BHS last year aimed at expanding public understanding of the benefits of equity futures.

Abdul Hadi Al Sadi, Managing Director of BHS, said: “Interest in trading Nasdaq Dubai’s equity futures market is increasing rapidly among our GCC and overseas clients, many of which now include the futures contracts as a key component of their investment portfolio. The futures provide them with unique tools to gain exposure to the UAE and Saudi equity markets and we look forward to working on behalf of a growing number of institutional and individual investors who appreciate the flexibility that the exchange’s futures provide.”

Advantages of futures trading include leverage, which magnifies the financial outcome of an investment, and the ability to make gains in both a rising and falling market. Futures can also be used to hedge existing investments and manage cash flow.

Hamed Ali, Chief Executive of Nasdaq Dubai, said: “As one of the UAE’s most prominent  brokers, BHS’s contribution is key to driving the growth of futures trading for the benefit of investors by raising awareness of the market across

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