Approve the Teck Mine. Teach Alberta the Law of Holes (in Opinion)

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney wants to dig another massive bitumen hole in northern Alberta in order to extract another 240,000 barrels of oil a day.

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Let him do it. Let Albertans learn the hard way. Kenney recently told a group of businessmen that Canada’s government can’t say no to the proposed Teck open pit oilsands mine because denying a permit for the $20-billion hole in the ground “would send a devastating message” for “investor confidence at a time when we are struggling to attract foreign direct investment to the Canadian economy.”

Doesn’t Ottawa understand that more holes in the ground equal prosperity?

The Teck mine and associated tailing ponds, just 30 kilometres from the Wood Buffalo National Park, a World Heritage Site, will destroy 292 square kilometres of fens, peatlands and old growth forest.

Yet Alberta’s Environment Minister Jason Nixon echoed Kenney, telling Ottawa to get out of the way and let Alberta do what they do best, which is dig deeper holes.

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As Kenney put it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying no would raise “western alienation to a boiling point.”

Given Alberta’s belligerent confidence in holes, let’s agree. Canada’s federal cabinet should rubber stamp the permit for Teck’s oilsands mine.

At the same time, it must also declare that Canada will quantify and phase out $43 billion in annual fossil fuel subsidies as identified by the International Monetary Fund.

That means if the Teck mine fails, Canadian taxpayers will not support the boondoggle in any shape or form.

Alberta says it doesn’t want any federal handouts, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Now give the province what it wants. Let Nixon and Kenney defy the reality of low

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