Alphabet, unlike Amazon, doesn’t get a pass on spending — does that make it a better investment?

Alphabet reported excellent earnings, but the stock has been hit because the company projected higher expenses.

There is quite a contrast between how investors treat Amazon AMZN, -1.12% and Alphabet GOOG, -2.68% GOOGL, -2.52% Investors love Amazon when it says it is going to spend more money, but they don’t feel the same way about Alphabet’s spending. Interestingly, Netflix NFLX, -1.02% gets a reaction somewhat similar to Amazon, but Facebook FB, -0.39% and Apple AAPL, +0.03% get a reaction somewhat similar to Alphabet.

Does this different treatment make Alphabet a better investment than Amazon? Let’s examine the issue with the help of a chart.


Please click here for an annotated chart of Alphabet. Please note the following:

• Alphabet fell in the Arora buy zone in December 2018. Arora buy zones are given in advance so that investors can prepare to buy. This gave an opportunity to buy Alphabet around $960. The stock is trading at $1,122 as of this writing.

• The stock has been moving up in a well-defined channel. This is a positive.

• The chart shows that RSI (relative strength index) has diverged. In plain English this means that as the stock price has continued to rise, momentum has waned. This is a negative.

• The chart shows that Alphabet is up against the resistance zone. This is a negative.

Alphabet vs. Amazon

The sum total of the foregoing is that, in the short term from a reward point of view, Alphabet is not a better buy than Amazon. However, from a risk point of view, Alphabet is a better buy than Amazon.

For the long term, it is difficult to tell at this time. The prevailing wisdom is that Amazon will do better than Alphabet in the long term. However, we would not be

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