50,000% stock market gain in 38 years of IPO! Apple's $1 trillion market value equals India's top 30

Apple shares have advanced more than 50,000% since its IPO (initial public offering) in 1980. (Image: Associated Press)

Apple Inc, world’s largest company by market capitalisation, eleventh-biggest by revenue and the most profitable publicly-listed firm on earth, has booked another place in history in the global capital markets. The Steve Jobs-co-founded innovative technology firm Apple Inc became the first publicly-listed US company with a trillion dollar stock market value on Thursday, 2 August 2018. Following the sharp rally in the share prices since Tuesday on strong quarterly results, Apple hit $1.01 trillion in stock market value for the first time ever on Thursday.

Apple shares outperform DJIA & Nasdaq Composite

In a nearly four-decade-long stock market journey, Apple shares have risen more as compared to the benchmark stock indices such as Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite. As far as the returns are concerned, Apple has vastly outperformed DJIA and Nasdaq Composite since its debut on stock markets. Apple shares have advanced more than 50,000% since its IPO (initial public offering) in 1980.

Apple’s 50,000% gain in 38 years of IPO

Apple share price has surged as much as 53,077% to an all-time closing high of $207.39 on Thursday from a share price level of 39 cents at debut. Apple stock debut at a share price of 39 cents (adjusted for 4 stock splits) on 12 December 1980. Yesterday, Apple hit an intraday record high of $208.38. On the contrary, the Dow Jones Industrial Average of New York Stock Exchange has returned 2,661% to 25,326.16 from a level of 917.15 as on 12 December 1980 while Nasdaq Composite has moved up by 3,980% to 7,802.68 from a level of 191.22 as on 12 December 1980.

How huge is Apple’s $1 trillion stock market value

Apple’s stock market value of $1.01 trillion is

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